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Proudly Support Solutions in Health …

One Million Solutions in Health is a self-funding initiative working to stimulate global innovation in Health Care by connecting people … and sharing ideas and SOLUTIONS … to transform health. Our goals are to accelerate life sciences research, improve health care and share great patient and consumer-focused ideas and solutions!

Creating One Million Solutions in Health is a noble cause, and it will require financial support to make it possible. To help ensure the movement takes root, and a better future is realized, we are kindly asking innovative corporations for financial assistance. Help us create and sustain innovation momentum by choosing to support a program that best suits your organization. For example, if you are interested in supporting better solutions for diabetes, or better diagnostic tests for cancer patients, or an innovative solution to ensure that new drugs are tested for their cardiac safety, contact us and let’s talk.

We are always interested in discussing corporate sponsorship packages and direct programs like information pieces, white papers or webinars to share your science with the world. And, of course, we accept donations through PayPal through the Donate Now button to the right.

If you have a sponsorship opportunity or another idea on how to share your solutions with the world, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us today.

Shaping Health Care by Sharing Solutions

Dawn Van Dam, President & CEO


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