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Be apart of something huge. Our Technology Evaluation Consortium works on drug safety while helping your scouting and business development teams.

The Technology Evaluation Consortium is a community of pharmaceutical companies who work together in a pre-competitive and non-competitive environment, in order to accelerate the development of scientific technology.

With our new initiatives, there will be many opportunities to discover new science faster with the TEC’s worldwide connections of 2 million+ contacts, over 40 new technologies slated to be reviewed in the next year, and access to therapeutic and safety-related opportunities at 4000+ universities in 160+ countries.

If you need more, to be intrigued – we also have a one-of-a-kind partnership with the National Institutes of Health. Members of our Consortium get access to NIH scientists first-hand, and participate in evaluation projects regarding NIH science.

We have two types of collaborations with vendors:

  1. Our TEC Validation Project, which is an approximately year-long project to validate a vendor’s technology
  2. Our Signature Square Program, which is a one-time meeting with Subject Matter Experts to evaluate a vendor’s technology

Want more info? Email ashlee.woolfson@onemillionsolutionsinhealth1.org to set up an appointment to discuss further information.