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The Hidden GEMS Program™

The Hidden GEMS Program™


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Accessing the Secret Vaults of Science™

through One Million Solutions in Health™


What is the goal of the program?

The Hidden GEMS Program is meant to help you find high potential inventions and technologies that have not been uncovered before. Fundamentally, we can help you access to these technologies, projects and products to put you ahead of the competition.


What can we offer you through The Hidden GEMS Program?

1) The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has over 6000 scientists, with 1000’s of patented technologies. Through The Hidden GEMS Program, we can support your need to have access to these GEMS.

2) We are the exclusive life sciences and health care partner of an organization that has created a big data scraping tool, and built relationships with 4000 universities in 160 countries around the world – to bring you their technologies directly and easily. We can tell you what can be licensed, in your area of interest, within just ten business days.

3) We have our own database of 2,000,000+ people from around the world, regularly bringing us new science that no one else knows about. We can conduct a Challenge or a ‘Call for Science’ for you, based on your specific criteria.

4) We can provide you with an in-depth review and evaluation of any new technology through our Signature Square™ Program – or through an Invention Evaluator Report for just $995 – all of these are a part of The Hidden GEMS Program to make you more successful, more quickly


What features does ‘The Hidden GEMS Program’ have?

– Access to an unparalleled breadth and depth of technologies that no one else has access to

– We will screen the science based upon your particular criteria

– We apply tools that can assess, evaluate and validate the science with industry subject matter experts


The Hidden GEMS Program will provide you with the opportunity to find and access these ‘secret vaults of science’ – faster and more efficiently than ever before. Getting access to the new technologies before anyone else – provides you with an advantage.


Technology Flow Opportunities: The Hidden GEMS Program™