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Our Collaboration with Girl Pow-R

Our partnership with Girl Pow-R allows for us to collect donations for them, to further their cause. Donations can be made exclusively on this site, so we encourage you to donate here!

Building Confidence and Strength in Girls

The I Matter Program, in Collaboration with Girl Pow-R

Insecurities often sprout during this period of crucial mental and physical development — with hormones at work and middle school drama at play, girls this age are twice as likely as boys to develop mood disorders that can have long term negative consequences in their lives. To read more about mood disorders view the source article at the Child Mind Institute website.

*Fighting Anxiety with Music*

In partnership with Toronto girl band, Girl Pow-R, the /I Matter/ Program provides girls in various North American cities with musical training, ranging from singing lessons to dance classes and stage training. While having fun and making new friends, the girls are taught to be confident in their own voices. They perform on stage, overcoming performance fright as a group, and are given the opportunity to make themselves heard, be it introducing songs to audiences, or speaking at events about social causes dear to them.


*Leaving Your Comfort Zone*

The program gives girls an opportunity to expand their comfort zones in a safe environment, with the aid of friends and tutors. By introducing them to music and the performing arts, we hope to help young ladies come out of their shells in other walks of life.


*Developing Professional and Personal Skills*

Girls receive tutoring on public speaking, decorum, on how to foster friendships and conduct themselves in interviews. Our aim is to help mitigate anxiety and timidity by giving girls confidence in themselves and their skills.

A Girl Pow-R girl is someone who has found her true voice.


*Girl Pow-R, the Band*

Girls participating in the /I Matter/ Program perform under the banner of Girl Pow-R. Participants who distinguish themselves in the program can go on to perform with the primary Girl Pow-R band, which has original songs available on Spotify and iTunes. The group recently completed their first US tour performing in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York and Boston to over 2000 young people.

More information on the Girl Pow-R /I Matter /Program is available at their official website: girl-pow-r.com