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Why do we care?

Alzheimer’s Disease is an irreversible form of dementia, where memory and other intellectual abilities slowly decrease over time due to microscopic changes in the brain. The disease is devastating for both a patient and his or her family – late-stage symptoms include severe memory loss, mood and behavior changes, and difficulty speaking, swallowing and walking.

At the current time, there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, and it is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. In the next 35 years, the number of people around the world with Alzheimer’s will quadruple! There needs to be more funding to find better methods of treatment, medications to delay symptoms, and, ideally, to prevent the disease from occurring in the first place.

What you can do to help:


Tell the government that the public wants more funding to go towards Alzheimer’s Disease research. In addition to being the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, it is the leading cause of disability and morbidity (poor health). With more research, we can improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of patients and their families.

Tell investors why more funding is absolutely necessary to combat Alzheimer’s Disease. We do not have any ways to prevent, treat, or slow the disease; if we continue with the current approach of targeting ‘symptoms only’, it will cost approximately $1.2 trillion in 2050.

Let both the Government and Investors know that we want a cure – now! Treating patients with the disease accounts for 30% of US healthcare costs. By investing money wisely, in the long run, these added expenses can be avoided.

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Other ways to help:

We are gathering ideas, information, resources, experts and NEW SCIENCE to ‘crack the code’ and get a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

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