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Technology Evaluation Consortium™

Our Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC) brings together life science companies and industry vendors to evaluate and validate new technologies in a non-competitive environment. This collaborative model empowers technology providers and industry end-users to collectively assess a number of technologies in a cost-effective manner, producing a depth and breadth of results that no company can achieve alone.One Million Solutions In Health (OMSIH) manages each consortium project from start to finish, providing independent project management over the course of these key stages:

· Scoping the evaluation
· Accessing a library of compounds (if applicable)
· Providing Independent and objective data analysis


Gain Knowledge from Leaders Within the Industry
A consortium project brings together a number of industry leaders and solution providers to address a specific industry challenge. Consortium members share ideas and solutions, which often lead to more consistent standards across the industry. These standards help to create a likely path to product adoption, as the new technologies are made to include features and capabilities requested by end-users.


Wisdom of Crowds
Vendors leverage the synergistic advantages realized with a team of experts simultaneously focused on one solution.


Saving Time and Money
By partnering with OMSIH, each company can share in the cost of the project. Technology providers get value from working with multiple end-users from various organizations. Additionally, feedback from multiple companies allows technology providers to better understand the needs of the industry and use that first-hand knowledge for product development.

“The consortium approach is a very powerful model to evaluate new technologies.” – Dr. Stefan Mueller, Director & Global Head, Early, Genetic & Molecular Toxicology, Merck KgaA, Merck Serono.


The Technology Evaluation Consortium™ optimizes the time and cost to evaluate new technologies:

· Collectively evaluate between four and six new technology platforms per year
· Significantly reduced cost per company, and shortened project cycle time



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* Devices and Diagnostics Technology Evaluation Consortium

* Health Data Technology Evaluation Consortium