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Nature: A New Health Management Tool

Being surrounded by nature can be very peaceful. Many people assume it’s due to the quiet environment and beautiful scenery. Research has proven that nature can improve health in many ways. As we constantly search for the next big tool in health management, what if it was under our nose the whole time? With urbanization…

How the Pressures of Professionalism Birthed the Depersonalized Doctor

Doctors have the difficult, yet necessary, job of saving lives. Doctors are often admired and respected. It’s understood that a doctor is responsible for the wellness of others, but who focuses on the wellness of a doctor? There are a lot of pressures surrounding being a doctor. It can affect the doctor, his or her…

How Diversity in Health Care and Community Engagement Create a Positive Patient Experience

A doctor must know a patient to adequately treat them. Typically, when a subject is being studied in other sectors of science, researchers analyze the corresponding environment as well. This approach can be beneficial in health care. For that reason, medical professionals are encouraged to pay attention to social determinants. To improve the quality of…

EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR AVAILABLE: Breakthrough Science to Treat Colon Cancer and Glioblastoma

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An App a Day Keeps the Patients Away: The Dangers of Medical Management Software

Where wellness is concerned, the doctor-patient relationship can be just as valuable as the treatment. The bond, built on trust, is essential for proper treatment. Recently, there has been an increased number of medical apps created to simplify a doctor’s duties. Can our obsession with saving time harm us more than help? If you are…

NIH Licensing Opportunity: Breakthrough Science to Treat Colon Cancer and Glioblastoma

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