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Webinar: Adoption Process of Novel Technologies in Drug Safety: Challenges and Solutions – CREATING A ROAD MAP FOR THE INDUSTRY



This webinar has already taken place. However, you can watch a recording of it below.
Originally aired on June 2nd, 2015

Yvonne Will, Ph.D., Senior Director, Pfizer, and Helen McBride, Discovery Toxicologist, Amgen, who are industry leaders in drug safety in the biopharmaceutical industry, will discuss the changing landscape of the industry and how a key building block of successful drug discovery, the toxicology program, has evolved over the years.

This panel discussion will provide guidance to the vendor community on how best to work with the industry in today’s environment.

Additionally, Yvonne and Helen will be taking a bold step forward to lay out a plan as to ‘what’ should be evaluated and validated in preclinical safety – by the WHOLE industry – over the next 5+ years.

Yvonne and Helen are asking you to join this discussion, to accelerate our success rates, and to engage in a collaborative, consortium-based approach to truly help the industry be transformative in drug safety.

This discussion is brought to you by the Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC), which brings together life sciences companies and industry vendors to evaluate and validate technologies in a collaborative and non-competitive environment. This collaborative model empowers technology and service providers, and industry end-users, to collectively assess a number of technologies in a cost-effective manner, producing a depth and breadth of results that no other company can achieve alone.

Industry Collaboration is Key: A consortium project brings together a number of industry leaders and solution providers to address a specific industry challenge. Consortium members share ideas and solutions, which often lead to more consistent standards across the industry. These standards help to create a likely path to product adoption, as the new technologies now include features and capabilities requested by end-users.

Saving Time and Money: By partnering with One Million Solutions in Health, each company can share in the cost of the project. Technology providers get value from working with multiple end-users from various organizations.

Additionally, feedback from multiple companies allows technology providers to better understand the needs of the industry and use that first-hand knowledge for product development.

Learn how the industry can benefit from working in a consortia!

Speaker:Yvonne Will, Ph.D.
Pfizer R&D
Senior Director
Head of Science and Technology Strategy
Drug Safety Research & Development
Speaker:Helen McBride, Ph.D.
Discovery Toxicologist


Moderator:Dawn Van Dam
President and CEO
One Million Solutions in Health