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The Need for Several Types of FDA Reforms – And Tools to Implement Them


As former 2nd-in-Command at the US FDA, Dr. John Norris’ thesis is that today’s FDA is overdue for another set of major reforms in key, fairly distinct areas. Learn about his ideas via this webinar.

Dr. Norris’ Key Ideas for Reform

What kinds of reforms might make a critical difference here in terms of total costs and safety, while not sacrificing much in terms of (1) FDA’s regulatory robustness and (2) FDA’s reputation for “thoroughness at all costs”?

John Norris is a seasoned executive and board member who has received many awards in the life sciences, healthcare, healthcare-IT, and regulatory fields. He also taught health policy, management, and IT (FDA law, regulatory affairs, healthcare-delivery system and reimbursement reform, HC-IT reform, etc.) at Harvard for a dozen years.

He is best known as a healthcare/life sciences management, regulatory, and IT visionary. He does volunteer work with the new administrations to further reform the FDA and the healthcare delivery and payer systems.

Dr. Norris’ focus includes: (1) personalized medicine reform, (2) IT-based blood, urine, feces, and imaging diagnostics and prognostics, (3) automated drug and device research, discovery, and clinical trials, (4) automated manufacture and marketing of drugs and medical devices, and (5) automated physician/nurse decision-support tools. These areas are just some of his key areas of interest, knowledge, and experience.


John Norris SPEAKER:
John A. Norris, JD, MBA
Chairman, Norris Capital, Inc., and FDDH, Inc.
Senior US Advisor to Kanagawa, Japan, Governor Kuroiwa and the Global Collaboration Center
Former Principal Deputy FDA Commissioner (2nd-in-Command) and COO of the US FDA
Former Harvard Faculty Member (GCC)
Former Faculty Editor-in-Chief, The American Journal of Law and Medicine
Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
One Million Solutions in Health™