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Advancing Genomic and Pharmacogenetic Medicine: President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative


Advancing Genomic and Pharmacogenetic Medicine: President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative

This webinar has already taken place. However, you can watch a recording of it below.
Originally aired on March 25th, 2015

In President Obama’s State of the Union Address in January 2015, he presented a $215 million dollar initiative geared towards Precision Medicine, or Personalized Genomic Medicine.

We invite you to join this exclusive, complimentary webinar entitled “Advancing Genomic and Pharmacogenetic Medicine: President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative”.

The webinar will provide an outline of the rapidly developing field of Genomic and Pharmacogenetic* Medicine, as well as offer leading-edge examples about how this exciting area of Precision Medicine in healthcare can truly make a difference in the lives of patients. (*Pharmaceutical medication which is chosen based on a person’s genetic profile.)

In addition, you will learn that by incorporating carefully-derived family histories through electronic health records, healthcare staff, genetic counsellors and physicians who are trained in genetics can often find value in administering genetic tests to:

> Stratify patients at high risk for inherited diseases

> Provide prognostic information for those already diagnosed – allowing physicians to make more precise medication and therapeutic interventions

With President Obama’s $215 million initiative, many decision makers are now realizing that this “new way” of providing care will likely offer long-term cost savings for payers, while encompassing better care for patients based on a more accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment when genetic testing is taken into account.

While much of the Obama initiative is research-based, in fact, a number of leading institutions have already established clinical programs to offer such services to patients. At Atlantic Health System, a large multi-site healthcare system based in northern New Jersey, Dr. Pallay and his team have a well-established Precision Medicine program to offer genetic testing and genomics-based care to both their primary care patients, as well as those requiring specialized care.

Oncology has so far led the way by studying and applying focused treatments based on a cancer tumor’s genetic profile.  However, now pain management, psychiatry, cardiology and indeed, primary care, lend themselves to Precision Medicine based on a patient’s genetic profile. Consequently, pharmacogenetics represents the future of health care prescribing.

Dr. Arnold Pallay is a leading expert on Precision Medicine. Join him for this informative webinar which will share with healthcare professionals information about the rapidly developing field of Precision Medicine, as well as offer helpful examples to show how trained professionals can make a difference for their patients in this exciting and developing field of Genomic and Pharmacogenetic Medicine.

Dr. Arnold I. Pallay, M.D., FAAFP
Associate Medical Director, Jacobs Levy Personalized Genomic Medicine Program, Atlantic Health System
Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and New Jersey Medical School, Graduate School of Medicine, Seton Hall University

Dawn Van Dam
President and CEO
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