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PEDIATRICIANS — Maximize Your Revenue and Go Home on Time


PEDIATRICIANS — Maximize Your Revenue and Go Home on Time

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The financial success of a pediatric practice lies squarely on the efficiency of the practice’s billing system and operations, and the impact it has on maximizing revenue. The bottom line is that physicians who do not use a Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) program will both lose money and experience significant delays in payment.

According to a recent study, physicians indicated that “getting paid” is the fourth most challenging task due to shifting reimbursement models, new Medicaid penalties for physicians who do not participate in the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), and denials due to minor clerical errors.

Would you like to stop worrying about whether or not you are losing money? Join us for this exclusive webinar entitled “Pediatricians – Maximize Your Revenue and Go Home on Time”.

During this webinar, you will hear from leading experts who will show you how you can easily:

– Increase your revenue 10% to 12% in only 3 months
– Increase collections by more than 20%
– Decrease external and internal denials by 50% or more

Learn how a sophisticated and complete Revenue Cycle Management solution can enable you to focus entirely on patient care while at the same time allowing you to:

– Maximize revenue
– Optimize your time and optimize your billing
– Balance your practice and balance your life
– Go home on time

This webinar is designed for pediatricians and primary care physicians who want to maximize the efficiency of their billing operations, maximize revenue and be more financially successful.

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