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NIH Special SCIENCE SERIES: Groundbreaking Biomarker to be Used as Companion Diagnostic to Aid in Clinical Decision-Making for Cancer Treatments



NIH Special SCIENCE SERIES: Groundbreaking Biomarker to be Used as Companion Diagnostic to Aid in Clinical Decision-Making for Cancer Treatments


This webinar has already taken place. However, you can watch a recording of it by clicking on the screen shot just below.

Originally aired on November 19th, 2015

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One Million Solutions in Health™ has established a one-of-a-kind, new partnership with the United States’ National Institutes of Health Office of Technology Transfer (NIH-OTT) and the National Cancer Institute Technology Transfer Center (NCI-TTC) to increase awareness and understanding of NIH technologies by potential partners in the life science and healthcare industries.

This provides you with a front-row seat to hear about new technology and science from various scientists at the NIH.

Soon, this opportunity to learn directly from a number of NIH scientists, will ONLY be made available to members of our Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC). But, for the next few months, this information is being shared beyond our current membership, to provide you and/or your organization with the opportunity to join the consortium.

This is also your opportunity to participate in our exclusive Signature Square™ process, where end-users rate and evaluate the technology, providing feedback directly to the scientist, to help effect and drive the NIH research Road Map for this technology.

This groundbreaking NIH opportunity will showcase how, as a companion diagnostic, this new biomarker technology can uniquely measure the progression and aggressiveness of the patient’s cancer. This biomarker also predicts recurrence and metastasis in various cancers, including liver, colorectal, adrenal and lung cancer.

Current member companies in the Signature Square program include organizations like Pfizer, AbbVie, Amgen, Allergan and Janssen, along with many others. However, on a trial basis, we are allowing new industry participants, and other scientists, clinicians, investors & other organizations to evaluate this technology and take part in this webinar entitled: “NIH Special SCIENCE SERIES: Groundbreaking Biomarker to be Used as Companion Diagnostic to Aid in Clinical Decision-Making for Cancer Treatments” on Thursday, November 19th at 11 am EST.

The applications of this biomarker in companion diagnostics – could serve to revolutionize oncology.










This important application of this biomarker could serve to revolutionize oncology by allowing clinicians to optimize the decision-making process by accurately determining which patients can better benefit from a particular cancer drug. This is important as it has been found that this new biomarker can detect cancerous cells that remain in the body but are not detected by ‘traditional’ testing techniques. As a companion diagnostic, performing a blood test to check for the levels of this unique biomarker is destined to be a simple and quick method to provide enhanced care to cancer patients.

This biomarker can be utilized to test the responsiveness of the cancer to therapy or treatment. This will aid health care providers in determining the best course of action in the treatment of a patient.

Join us for this exclusive opportunity to participate in this Signature Square™ evaluation and learn more about this groundbreaking biomarker to be used as a companion diagnostic in cancer treatment.

Note: This event will only be live. No recording will be available.


picture1 SPEAKER:
Dr. Peng Loh
Principal Senior Investigator
Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
One Million Solutions in Health™