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Connect Your Clinicians with Consumers — Grow Your Business


Connect Your Clinicians with Consumers — Grow Your Business!

This webinar occurred on November 21, 2014 but you can still watch a recording of the webinar below:


Increasingly, health consumers are seeking expert clinicians who are trained in special procedures, offer unique services, or are affiliated with a particular organization.

Correspondingly, clinicians seek to connect with consumers who can benefit from the services offered at their clinic or hospital. This webinar covered some of the key issues in connecting health consumers with the right clinicians, including:

— What is the value to your organization when you serve as the bridge to connect trained clinicians with qualified health consumers?
— What are some of the existing tools and their limitations?
— What are some of the emerging approaches that leverage online and mobile technology advances to better connect health consumers with trained clinicians?

Body1 is a medical software company providing cloud-based web platforms for medical marketing, including advanced clinician and physician finders. Health Connexions is a consulting and marketing firm that helps clients in the life sciences and health care sectors transform science into commercial success.


Chris Messina Presenter
Chris Messina
Body 1, Inc.
Michelle Alford-Photo Presenter
Michelle Alford
Content and Social Media Manager
Body 1, Inc.
dawn Presenter
Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
Health Connexions
kevin-woods Moderator
Kevin Woods
Project Manager
One Million Solutions in Health