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EHR with Top Awards is Back — and Better than Ever



EHR with Top Awards is Back — and Better than Ever


This webinar has already taken place. However, you can watch a recording of it below.
Originally aired on November 5, 2014

Torn from recent headlines: “EHR Workflow Flaw Led to Initial Release of Ebola Patient.”

Workflow has suddenly achieved its “place in the sun,” says Health IT’s Charles Webster. He has consistently preached that workflow should always be the first thing to think about, not the last – when choosing an EHR.

Dr. Webster, who is an expert on healthcare IT workflow and business process management, is frequently quoted in the news about health IT workflow issues. During this webinar, he laid out The ABC’s of EHR Workflow Technology, including details on: the workflow engine, workflow definitions, and workflow visibility.

After Dr. Webster, Dr. George Rogu went over exactly how a true EHR workflow system increases productivity and patient satisfaction. The technology Dr. Rogu uses was developed by Xcite Health, who’s founder and CEO, Barry Hayut, also spoke during the webinar.

This webinar appeals to primary care physicians, pediatricians, and other specialists, as well as anyone interested in healthcare workflow and workflow technology with an award-winning EHR!

Chuck Webster, MD, MSIE, MSIS
George Rogu, MD
RBK Pediatrics
Barry Hayut
Founder and CEO
Xcite Health
Dawn Van Dam
President and CEO
One Million Solutions in Health

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