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Attitudes and Diabetes Management


The key to a healthy life with diabetes is to prevent systemic complications that result from patterns of frequent high, low and uncontrolled wide swings in blood sugars. Complications are rapid in onset in all types of diabetes requiring costly acute care.

We estimate the Diabetes Success App can achieve up to 25% reduction in spiraling costs for diabetes care. In contrast with other diabetes Apps. People cannot change or modify what they do not see (patterns in their behavior, which are mitigated by their choices).

Choices & Patterns Inc., uniquely offers the best, innovative solution in real-time to immediately alert and guide the person with diabetes to see, identify and quickly respond to resolve high and low blood sugar patterns.

Physicians benefit from patients sharing their patterns to support compliance with Meaningful Stage 2 and ICD10 requirements to “manage” patients.

Stacy Daughn Presenter
Stacy Daughn, PsyD, CAP
Clinical Psychologist
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Gerene Schmidt, MA BSPHN RN
Choices & Patterns Inc.
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Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
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