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How Can You Help? Volunteer!

Raise your hand to participate…

  • Volunteer to create or implement a Solution
  • Offer a problem or opportunity that needs a Solution

(Basically … help … or receive some help!)

⇒ Donate a meeting space or technology to facilitate live or remote events
⇒ Provide your services or equipment to videotape the process and the results
⇒ Feed and nourish the attendees at live events
⇒ Event logistics (signage, moderation)
⇒ Write a white paper, create a case study or develop a How To Video about a Solution
⇒ Provide design, marketing or social media assistance
⇒ Advertising or telemarketing to recruit participants
⇒ Media and public relations activities to create program awareness
⇒ Writing anything from blogs to newsletters
⇒ Help us publish proceedings, or a book
⇒ Proofreading … or translation
⇒ Help to moderate and manage contributions on the website
⇒ Lead a team of Health Solution Innovators for pilot projects (call us for details on how to become an approved leader)
⇒ Lead a One Million Event in your area (call us for details on how to become a certified One Million Event Leader)
⇒ Become a Sponsor (Link here)
⇒ Or … other ideas you can think of!

Be a Part of One Million Solutions in Health!!


Please fill out the form below and indicate what you are writing about in the subject line so that your message can be sent quickly to the right person on our team.


Be sure to tell us if you have a particular idea on how you would like to volunteer!

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