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Technology Evaluation Consortium Evaluated a New Virtual Liver Model

One Million Solutions in Health’s Technology Evaluation ConsortiumTM Evaluated a New Virtual Liver Model as Innovator in its Signature SquareTM Program

A novel technology coming from the Strand Life Sciences is a ready-to-use platform for liver function. The One Million Solutions in Health™ Technology Evaluation ConsortiumTM evaluated this technology via the Signature SquareTM Program. Strand Life Sciences received a designation for their new technology: http://www.onemillionsolutionsinhealth.org/collaborate/signature-square/ [Virtual Liver Model as Innovator. __title__ ]

In life sciences and health care, the Signature Square Program provides feedback to technology or service providers (commercial, academic, government, healthcare institutions, etc.) based on feedback from Subject Matter Experts. The evaluation occurs on two dimensions: 1) Value Proposition to the Marketplace and 2) Market or Partner Readiness. All technologies rated through the Signature Square process are given a designation in one of the four potential technology or service categories: Blockbuster, Novel, Upstart or Innovator.

Strand Life Sciences was founded in 2000 by computer science and mathematics professors from India’s prestigious Indian Institute of Science who recognized the need to automate and integrate life science data analysis through an algorithmic and computational approach. Strand developed a Virtual Liver model, which is a ready-to-use platform for a variety of applications. The Virtual Liver model incorporates several key pathways in the liver such as the antioxidant metabolism, energy metabolism, lipid and bile acid metabolism. As a result, it not only mimics normal liver function faithfully but also generates likely outcomes under a variety of perturbations, including drug exposure.

“The ultimate goal of the Signature Square program is to bring together multiple experts from across the globe to evaluate new technology,” explains Dawn Van Dam, President and CEO of One Million Solutions in Health, “It is exciting to evaluate such a necessary technology; Strand Life Sciences will now be able to implement all the feedback they received today.”

A One Million Solutions in Health Signature Square evaluation is a culmination of quantitative research, numerical scoring and respondents’ comments or qualitative feedback as it reflects the offering’s differentiated position in the market. By focusing on end-user feedback, and applying a graphical treatment and a uniform set of evaluation criteria, a Signature Square helps you quickly ascertain how well the technology or service is positioned to provide value to the market and how ready it is to provide that value.

The Signature Square is an opportunity for technology or service providers to receive direct evaluations and feedback which can then be used to inform potential investors, end users and/or partners. It can also be utilized as a component towards understanding the technology or service and its potential to contribute to health care. The Subject Matter Experts are members of the Technology Evaluation Consortium with specific expertise in the relevant area for each technology, including individuals from top biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, device, health data or healthcare organizations in the field, as relevant.

One Million Solutions in Health aims to have a broad representation of feedback and advice from relevant Subject Matter Experts in each area. These experts evaluate the technology or service such that the feedback received is valid and valuable. The positioning within the Signature Square is related to the aforementioned criteria, along with the point-in-time at which it has been evaluated. Consequently, a technology evaluated early could be considered an Innovator, but by addressing the feedback received in the process, could eventually be considered a Blockbuster.

For an opportunity to join the Technology Evaluation Consortium, and review the detailed information, video and evaluation for this technology: http://www.onemillionsolutionsinhealth.org/collaborate/signature-square/ [Virtual Liver Model as Innovator __title__ ] please contact Dawn Van Dam at One Million Solutions in Health (dawn.vandam@onemillionsolutionsinhealth.org).

ABOUT ONE MILLION SOLUTIONS IN HEALTH: As a not-for-profit, the goal of One Million Solutions in Health™ is to shape health care by sharing solutions and, importantly, to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery … of innovative cures, treatments and preventative measures for patients around the world. By facilitating efforts to ensure organizations can Connect, Learn + Share, Innovate and Collaborate, our vision is to improve health care delivery, accelerate life sciences research and share patient and consumer-focused ideas and solutions. By engaging scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, industry experts, health care professionals, and patients across various disciplines, and from around the world, we can utilize the power of the internet to disrupt things in a positive and transformative way to accelerate the movement of new solutions and scientific discoveries from the scientist to the patient.

The Technology Evaluation Consortium (TEC) brings together life sciences and/or health care companies and technology providers, and other relevant partners (e.g., government and Universities) to evaluate and validate technologies or services in a collaborative environment. The model empowers technology providers and industry end users to collectively assess a number of technologies in a cost-effective manner, producing a depth and breadth of results that no company can achieve alone. We are on our way towards accelerating high-potential innovations, catalyzing investment and increasing awareness of, and support for, important ideas to improve health and save lives. We are thrilled to have you be a part of this transformative journey!

ABOUT Strand: Strand Life Sciences was founded in the year 2000, by four Computer Science faculty from the Indian Institute of Science. Our founding theme was “Algorithms for Life”. Since then, we have established a strong portfolio of products for biological systems research and for diagnosis and treatment of disease. Our products are fueled by a vast and unique collection of technology and expertise. Over 2000 scientific laboratories across the world and over 100 hospitals are our clients. We have now entered an exciting new era of guiding medical decisions using insights into the molecular world of genomes, genes and proteins and have been able to touch people’s lives in the process. Hence our new theme “New Generation Healthcare”.

Knowledge on the molecular underpinnings of life will grow substantially over the coming years. Our vision is to find newer and better ways to deliver this information to researchers, doctors and patients, retaining scientific rigor always. We believe this is best done in an environment that balances intensity and focus with the freedom to explore. And we do remember to give back to society in various ways.