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Have you been working on a fantastic new technology that may be a game-changer in Alzheimer’s management, treatment or diagnosis? Submit it here!

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Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease:

* A dialysis-type system for filtering out the harmful proteins (A-Beta, Tau) from Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) that accumulate in the brain and cause the cascade of events that lead to Alzheimer’s Disease.

* Using RNA sequencing (genetic testing) to identify therapeutic targets that may yield a blood-based biomarker that can be used to monitor treatment efficacy.

* Synthetic organic methodology with enantioselective drugs to treat Alzheimer’s Disease

* A new drug, originally developed to treat diabetes, that can create a cognitive improvement in Alzheimer’s Disease patients.

* The development of cell models for the rapid screening of drugs for their effects on the synthesis of certain proteins in the neurons.

* Using advanced mathematical models to cure the disease.

* Using yeast to model aging cells and test biochemicals that improve the turnover of amyloid beta.

* Using newly discovered soluble receptors for certain proteins to establish the bio-activity of the hormones.

* Using new information about lysosomes to decrease proteins at nerve receptors (where information is usually lost in Alzheimer’s patients).

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease:

* A new type of Virtual Scanning technology that can determine the broad range of pathologies which characterize Alzheimer’s Disease.

* New insights into using erythrocytes (type of blood cell) to determine Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis.

* Using SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms – small changes in the DNA) to diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease.

* Using hyperpolarized MRI and stable isotope chemistry to create a non-invasive, non-ionizing, neuroimaging technique to diagnose ALZ at a very early stage.

Management of Alzheimer’s Disease:

*  Using trans-cranial alternating current as a means to manage Alzheimer’s Disease.

* Looking at levels of AchE in the blood to determine the levels of toxicity that cause memory loss.

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