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One Million Solutions in Health Announces Its Launch

One Million Solutions in Health™ Announces its Launch as a Non-Profit Geared towards Life Sciences and Healthcare Scientific Advances – and Sharing Solutions Worldwide

We are proud to announce our launch as a non-profit organization geared towards fostering a sustainable healthcare eco-system by validating and sharing solutions globally within the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Our vision at One Million Solutions in Health is to inspire and connect the world to improve healthcare for all. The concept was created by our Founder and President, Dawn Van Dam, as a way to answer a personal goal of improving the healthcare system and accelerating the adoption of new discoveries. As a Wharton graduate, the winner of the Brownlee Award for leadership, and as a person featured as a top business leader in the book “Women in the Lead”, spearheading this initiative was a natural progression in her long career in life sciences and healthcare.

Through a membership of over 5 million scientists, clinicians and patients across the globe, our community has the opportunity to share new scientific findings and ideas to change healthcare, and to transform the evaluation and adoption processes for new scientific discoveries.  These solutions are offered to our members via Webinars, Scientific Symposia, User Meetings, Medical Education Events, Conferences and Think Tanks, as well as one-of-a-kind initiatives like the Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC) projects and the Signature Square™ program.

The launch of this movement couldn’t come at a better time! This is an exciting time in the history of scientific advances, with significant new opportunities in healthcare and life sciences becoming available on a consistent basis.  Whether it is helping researchers find ways to discover and develop new medications, diagnostics or devices, bringing genomics and genetic testing into mainstream care, or identifying how to incorporate mobile apps and their benefits into our lives, One Million Solutions in Health is leading in accelerating the evaluation, validation, and adoption of new technologies and scientific discoveries.

“Through our extensive membership and our various collaborative consortia with the industry and technology providers, we are already making a difference in helping to accelerate life sciences research and improve healthcare”

We invite those who want to connect, learn + share, innovate and collaborate, to join our organization as scientific contributors or sponsors, or both. At this juncture, it is critical that we work together to accelerate the evaluation and validation of the most promising solutions in life sciences research and new healthcare solutions. While we have already received contributions from some of our partners, as One Million Solutions in Health™ announces its launch, we need additional support to channel the evaluation process in the right direction to seek optimal and timely solutions that can be shared globally.

The One Million Solutions in Health process is simple.

> Through its extensive network, identify new scientific solutions – or new scientific solutions come to the organization – from around the globe

> Through the written word, online events and/or live sessions – disseminate the science and gather input to optimize the technology

> Proceed through the Signature Square™ program to obtain credible end-user and Subject Matter Expert (SME) evaluation

> Participate in a Technology Evaluation Consortium™ project to validate the technology in a real-world environment

> Publish and share the findings with the One Million Solutions in Health community

Contact us to find out how to become involved in this initiative to transform the evaluation, validation and adoption of new science and technologies for the healthcare and life science industries.