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A new opportunity to accelerate drug discovery

One Million Solutions in Health™ and Quantitative Medicine Announce a New Opportunity to Accelerate Drug Discovery
One Million Solutions in Health is offering an opportunity to ‘test drive’ a new system that accelerates the pace of informed decision-making in drug discovery
One Million Solutions in Health™ and Quantitative Medicine announced today a new opportunity for the Life Sciences industry. This unique opportunity will enable industry participants to evaluate an innovative, machine learning drug discovery platform which was conceived after decades of research at the Center for Computational Biology at Carnegie Mellon University.
The Computational Research Engine™ (CoRE™) creates and leverages highly accurate, predictive models to accelerate the discovery of drugs, therapeutics and diagnostics. This machine learning drug discovery platform substantially improves pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development productivity by efficiently directing experimentation. Fundamentally, CoRE™ recommends ‘what to do next’, thereby increasing the utility value of each experiment. This unique capability enables researchers to gather only the most essential information, at the lowest cost, and within the shortest timeframe.
For scientists in academia, industry, consortia, government or those conducting research and development on behalf of patient foundations – this opportunity is unique. Through this partnership with One Million Solutions in Health, Quantitative Medicine is offering a limited number of organizations a valuable opportunity to assess – using their own data – CoRE’s ability to speed up the drug discovery process.
“The Technology Evaluation Consortium™ program offered by One Million Solutions in Health has already facilitated a number of industry validations of CoRE™. These evaluations have conclusively demonstrated that CoRE™ enables a faster decision-making process and with much greater confidence,” commented Scott R. Bodine, Co-Founder and CEO of Quantitative Medicine. “To meet the needs of the broader research community, CoRE™ can simultaneously direct experimentation across all of the earlier phases of drug discovery and development – and does this very quickly and efficiently.”
The opportunity to accelerate drug discovery is now available to any organization recognizing the benefits of efficiently and concurrently directing experimentation in preclinical drug discovery.
While predictive modeling is not new, when a large number of potential compounds need to be tested, such as in drug discovery, active machine learning can play a crucial and central role in prioritizing the experimental work flow.
“The goal is not to replace experimentation with computation, but rather to use sophisticated computation to effectively guide experimentation,” explained Dr. Joshua D. Kangas, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Quantitative Medicine. By using this approach, experimentation is directed to cost-effectively explore very large experimental spaces, predicting the effects of millions of putative drug compounds on thousands of diverse targets. In twenty-one proof-of-value studies performed for large pharmaceutical companies, Quantitative Medicine has demonstrated CoRE™ can capture cost reductions of 50% to 90%, while reducing time to accomplish those research objectives by a minimum of 50%.
Industry organizations can now participate in evaluating how CoRE™ can pick up the pace of discovery, allowing scientists to accomplish their research goals in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost.
As a result of One Million Solution in Health’s oversight and management of multiple pre-competitive collaborations regarding the CoRE™ machine learning drug discovery platform, Quantitative Medicine is entering into contract negotiations with several major pharmaceutical companies to help direct their drug discovery and development campaigns. As one senior-level representative from one of those companies explained, “The interest, from our point-of-view, is how much better CoRE™ can make predictions. Solving our central problem of drug discovery better and faster is very exciting. Quantitative Medicine has certainly piqued our interest.”
A senior representative at a second company added, “Quantitative Medicine ‘nailed it.’ This active machine learning drug discovery platform presents a very forward-thinking paradigm for selecting compounds and assays, including expensive in vivo toxicity screens. CoRE™ enables evidence-based decision making about how best to extend into a chemical space, identifying those assays that are the most important, and directing experimentation to yield the most accurate predictive information. We envision capturing enormous in-house cost savings and accelerating time to market.” CoRE™ can further capture value for clients by leveraging historical data from prior campaigns in a novel way, which has been shown to yield significant improvements in predictive accuracy.
Some of those involved in these pilot studies have shared their findings in this webinar.
CoRE™ is therapeutic agnostic and a natural fit wherever a company has limited resources and is trying to prioritize the best path forward. Some obvious applications are early screening and lead series optimization.
“We are very excited about this innovation and its enormous potential to help more organizations. Consequently, we look forward to having a number of groups step forward to participate in this opportunity to evaluate the CoRE™ drug discovery platform from Quantitative Medicine,” said Dawn Van Dam, President & CEO of One Million Solutions in Health.
About One Million Solutions in Health
The goal of One Million Solutions in Health™ is to shape health care by sharing solutions. By facilitating efforts to ensure organizations can Connect, Learn + Share, Innovate and Collaborate, our vision is to improve health care delivery, accelerate life sciences research and share patient and consumer-focused ideas and solutions.
One Million Solutions in Health manages the Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC), a community of pharmaceutical and biotech professionals focused on the development of better and more cost-efficient technologies. The TEC brings together life science companies and industry vendors to evaluate and validate new technologies in a non-competitive environment. This collaborative model empowers technology providers and industry end-users to collectively assess a number of technologies in a cost-effective manner, producing a depth and breadth of results that no company can achieve alone.
About Quantitative Medicine
Quantitative Medicine is a computational biology company commercializing a machine learning drug discovery platform that creates and leverages highly accurate, predictive models accelerating the discovery of drugs, therapeutics and diagnostics, and spanning the spectrum of human, animal and plant diseases. The CoRE™ platform, validated by industry, substantially improves R&D productivity by directing experimentation and gathering only the most essential information to accomplish research goals in the least amount of time and the lowest cost.
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