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First Milestone in Signature Square™ Program

One Million Solutions in Health™ Announces a First Milestone in Signature Square™ Program to Accelerate the Movement of New Technology from the Scientist to the Patient

One Million Solutions in Health™ has completed the first 15 Signature Square™ evaluations, with a great response from the industry and scientists alike. This first Milestone reinforces the need for intensive, collaborative participation on both sides, in order to accelerate the movement from technology evaluation to validation to adoption.

One Million Solutions in Health™ has reached a first Milestone in its Signature Square™ Program with the completion of 15 evaluations. The technologies that have been reviewed in the Signature Square™ program cover the spectrum of opportunities from University-based technologies, to science from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to solutions from entrepreneurs, start-up companies and established organizations that have been in business for 10+ years.

The Signature Square™ program was originally launched to increase the number of technologies being presented to the industry and to support our vision to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery … of innovative cures, treatments and preventative measures for patients around the world.

Through the Technology EvaluationConsortium™ (TEC), our community of industry and academic participants come together to evaluate and validate new technologies in a non-competitive environment. Thus far, we have completed fifteen Signature Square™ evaluations with the following designations being assigned:

  • CaCy (Rank: Innovator)
  • Jerichons (Rank: Innovator)
  • Organovo (Rank: Innovator)
  • Stemina(Rank: Innovator)
  • Strand (Rank: Innovator)
  • Taconics (Rank: Innovator)
  • Wyss Institute (Rank: Innovator)
  • GelCel (Rank: Novel)
  • HemoShear (Rank: Novel)
  • Biolom (Northeastern University) (Rank: Blockbuster)
  • Dr. Chan (NIH) (Rank: Blockbuster)
  • Dr. Griner (NIH) (Rank: Blockbuster)
  • Dr. Gu (Northeastern University) (Rank: Blockbuster)
  • Dr. Loh #1 (NIH) (Rank: Blockbuster)
  • Dr. Loh #2 (NIH) (Rank: Blockbuster)

In a Signature Square™ program, the scientist or vendor will present their work to the Technology Evaluation Consortium, and answer any questions. The consortium participants then fill out a survey where they rank the science or technology on a number of criteria based on these two dimensions: a) Market or Partner Readiness and b) Value Proposition to the Marketplace. This technology evaluation program, the Signature Square™, is available to both commercial technology providers and to academics/government scientists with new, promising technology or for established solutions.

Each applicant receives feedback on how they are ranked, and a report of the findings with both the scores across a number of questions, and the qualitative feedback and comments. All technologies which are evaluated are granted one of the following four

  • Blockbuster
  • Upstart
  • Novel
  • Innovator

“The Signature Square™ program allowed my team to see where we needed to improve our technology. The qualitative and quantitative feedback was instrumental in launching our product. Without the technology evaluation, we would not have been as successful”, said the Principal Investigator of one of the Signature Square™ evaluations.

One Million Solutions in Health completed a recent survey with nearly 100 individuals from a cross-section of small, medium and large biopharmaceutical companies. Based on the results, the number one ‘missing item’ in using and adopting new technology for the industry is the need for “Validation of the Technology”.

This need is a large challenge because the industry desperately wants new solutions, but they continue to struggle to find new ways to enhance their drug development productivity in order to bring more efficacious and safer medicines to the patients who need them. However, the methods of evaluating and validating those new technological solutions are one of the reasons they are ‘slowed down’. This is why the Signature Square™ is such a valuable tool because it accelerates the evaluation and validation process for new technologies.

“The Signature Square™ program provides an opportunity for Subject Matter Experts to be brought together from all corners of the globe in order to validate a technology in a virtual meeting space,” explained Dawn Van Dam, CEO and President of One Million Solutions in Health. “Without validation, it is difficult for a new business to launch into the marketplace. The Signature Square™ program brings new solutions to the table and ultimately helps expedite the development of commercially-available scientific technology, new service solutions and health care delivery improvements.”

The Signature Square™ is one important way to accelerate the movement of new technology from the scientist to the patient by increasing the velocity of the feedback loop between the industry and the inventor. This applies across-the-board in life sciences and health care. That is why at One Million Solutions in Health we evaluate platform technologies that help the industry be more successful, and we directly evaluate new drugs, diagnostics, medical devices, health care delivery solutions, health data solutions, and more.


The goal of One Million Solutions in Health™ is to shape health care by sharing solutions and, importantly, to accelerate the discovery, development and delivery … of innovative cures, treatments and preventative measures for patients around the world.

In this next year, we will be reviewing 1000’s of new solutions and new scientific discoveries. By engaging scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, industry experts, health care professionals, and patients across various disciplines, and from around the world, we can utilize the power of the internet to disrupt things in a positive and transformative way to accelerate the movement of new solutions and scientific discoveries from the scientist to the patient.

We are on our way towards accelerating high-potential innovations, catalyzing investment and increasing awareness of, and support for, transformative ideas to improve health and save lives. By facilitating efforts to ensure organizations can Connect, Learn + Share, Innovate and Collaborate, our vision is to improve health care delivery, accelerate life sciences research and share patient and consumer-focused ideas and solutions.

As a not-for-profit, we welcome your participation and are thrilled to have you be a part of this transformative journey!


The Technology Evaluation Consortium™ from One Million Solutions in Health™ is dedicated to improving and accelerating life sciences R&D and health care outcomes. The Technology Evaluation Consortium brings together life sciences and/or health care companies and industry vendors or scientists, and other relevant partners (e.g., government and Universities), to evaluate and validate technologies or services in a collaborative environment.

The model empowers technology providers/scientists and industry end-users to collectively assess a number of solutions in a cost-effective manner, producing a depth and breadth of results that no company can achieve alone. Our mission is to triage and streamline new technology consideration for the industry and to be the place for the industry to conduct their evaluations and validations.