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Do you have a Solution you would like to share?  It can be a video, article, blog, white paper, etc.  Just submit a message below, and we will respond to you. 

Note: If you are a scientist in academia, government, research scientist in pharma/biotech or a not-for-profit, we would love to showcase your scientific work (FOR FREE) to our audience of people from around the world.  If you are a commercial organization, you can sponsor a program of information, for example, a webinar or white paper, about your life sciences solution, a healthcare technology or consumer/patient solution.


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    Innovating and Creating Solutions in Life Sciences, Health Care and for Consumers + Patients

    The aim of One Million Solutions in Health™ is to connect people in person, and online, to form a community dedicated to sharing and implementing solutions in life sciences and health care. Inspiration is created through an open agenda each time we meet, driven by the needs of our participants, and supported by the commitment to growing our knowledge and idea-sharing for the greater good. We are inspired by working with each other to create and count towards one million solutions in health.

    Innovation Goals for One Million Solutions in Health:

    • – Around the world, CONNECT the Life Sciences Industry, Health Industry, Patients, Practitioners, Academics, Governments and Youth who are interested in causing innovation and driving solutions in health care.
    • – To come together and SHARE our mutual challenges and resources … and then create pilot projects to move your solutions forward.
    • – Provide value-added RESOURCES and VOLUNTEERS to Life Science and Health Industry professionals with committed pilot projects.
    • – Inspire “Students” and Youth that have FRESH PERSPECTIVES (not constrained by opinions, judgments, past experiences) to take acts of innovation and create viral movements for their solutions in health.
    • – Invite and INSPIRE others to participate, thereby enhancing existing innovation and solution-oriented activities, and helping to infuse new thinking.
    • – REPORT SOLUTIONS and success stories to cause further acts of innovation and help inspire ALL people around the world.
    • – Accelerate knowledge transfer – including steps on how to adopt and implement acts of innovation –how to put the solutions into ACTION — by writing white papers, creating case studies, producing ‘how to’ videos and sharing the knowledge with all communities involved.