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WEBINAR: Want a Pediatric-specific EHR? 6 Top Things to Consider


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WEBINAR: Want a Pediatric-specific EHR? 6 Top Things to Consider


<style=”color: #000000>The efficiency and ease of use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) can be the determining factor as to whether a physician practice thrives or fails. With 67%* of physicians reporting that they are unsatisfied with their current Electronic Health Record (EHR), and 60% indicating that they want to “make another EHR choice”, it is rather evident that there is a shortage of highly efficient and easy to use EHRs out there. <style=”color: #000000>Before choosing a new EHR system, it is important to fully understand how it can truly benefit a physician’s practice. Asking key questions can quickly determine if an EHR system will deliver on the needs of a practice — or fall flat. <style=”color: #000000>During this webinar you will hear from two leading experts. Dr. Roy Benaroch, MD is a pediatrician, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University, and author from Roswell, Georgia. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Roy will provide his perspective on the challenges that are faced when adopting a new EHR and how the right EHR system can benefit a practice. He will also discuss how to determine if your EHR will deliver what you require, based on your needs. <style=”color: #000000>Barry Hayut, Founder and CEO of Xcite Health will provide an overview of the 6 Top Things to Consider when switching to a new EHR. He will also demonstrate how the Xcite Health EHR, with a customizable flow, based on how each individual physician practices medicine, can help to transform any practice into a profitable and efficient business. <style=”color: #000000>This webinar is designed for pediatricians and primary care physicians that want an EHR that lets you practice medicine the way you want to practice medicine, with an ability to:

  1. Optimize Your Time.
  2. Optimize Your Billing
  3. Balance Your Practice.
  4. Balance Your Life.
  5. Provide Best Patient Care.
  6. Have a Happy Staff.

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<style=”color: #000000>PANELISTS

Dr. Roy Benaroch, MD
Pediatric Physicians, PC
Barry Hayut
Founder & CEO
Xcite Health Corp
Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
One Million Solutions in Health™