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TEC Kick-Off Meeting: Unique Methodology to Render Non-Soluble Compunds Soluble with Nanotechnology



TEC Kick-Off Meeting:  Unique Methodology to Render Non-Soluble Compounds Soluble with Nanotechnology

More than 40% of new chemical entities are insoluble in water. Is your organization trying to overcome this issue? 

These insoluble drugs suffer from premature drug degradation upon administration, undesirable side effects and reduced bioavailability.

The Solution:

One Million Solutions in Health would like to invite you to join our Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC) in completing the final validation of a new nanotechnology coming from the Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN) at Northeastern University.

The TEC  has completed a Phase 1 evaluation of Northeastern’s patented process. In particular, the Consortium has examined how the process can incorporate compounds, such as poorly water-soluble drugs, into an assembly of fully functional nanoparticle structures. This creates drug-loaded nanostructures with high tissue permeability, which allow the effective transport through the stomach.

The nanostructures are designed to then pass directly into the bloodstream. This will allow for oral delivery of poorly soluble drugs that are either currently insoluble or are delivered through more challenging methods. Some of the members of the Consortium (e.g., AbbVie, Allergan and Janssen/J&J) have already completed an initial Phase I TEC Validation Project, and will be moving into Phase II.

The goals, as articulated by Northeastern, the industry and an NSF grant, for the Phase II TEC Validation Project, will be three-fold based on the researchers wanting to:

– Increase the number of drug-loaded nanorods for in vitro characterization. Success in this area will demonstrate the feasibility of fabricating drug-loaded nanorods with sufficient drug dosage to perform in vitro characterization for the next two goals.

– The second goal is to evaluate the in vitro permeability and cytotoxicity of drug-loaded micellar nanorods in cell lines.

– The final goal is to evaluate in vivo permeability and cytotoxicity of drug-loaded micellar nanorods in animal studies.

We are currently accepting new Subject Matter Experts to participate in this project. Subject Matter Experts will hear about the developments in the new technology first-hand, and will be able to offer their advice and opinions on next steps.                                                                             The Kick-Off Meeting is SOON: January 19th at 11am EST or 7pm EST.



Ahmed Busnaina SCIENTIST:
Ahmed Busnaina, PhD
Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing
Northeastern University
Cihan Yilmaz SCIENTIST:
Cihan Yilmaz, PhD
Research Associate
Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing
Northeastern University
Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
One Million Solutions in Health™