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Mobile Medical Apps & the US FDA Regulatory Oversight: Still a Thin Red Line?”


This webinar begins by providing a background survey of healthcare industry forces including consumer attitudes, global healthcare initiatives and new wireless information technologies, including cloud and nanotechnology, plus mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets as they are specifically related to mobile healthcare.

The webinar then shifts to cover the conventional medical devices oversight by the US FDA, followed by the  mobile medical applications guidance released in September 2013. The Guidance will be explained in simple terms, with examples to assist better learning and take-aways.

The ‘thin red line’ will be discussed with examples.

The webinar ends by dissecting future anticipated developments from:

  • The effects of Obamacare implementation in the US
  • Various global and government Healthcare initiatives
  • Future developments in new advance technologies like nanotechnology
  • Wireless and secure cloud storage
  • Changing global population demographics
  • Impact on future mobile medical apps
Ram Photograph for Distribution Presenter
Ram Balani
CEO and Founder
FDA Smart Incorporated
dawn Moderator
Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
One Million Solutions in Health™