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PEDIATRICIANS — Don’t Suffer. Get an EHR that Handles ICD-10 Seamlessly


PEDIATRICIANS — Don’t Suffer. Get an EHR that Handles ICD-10 Seamlessly: From the Chart — Straight to Billing — Never think about ICD-10 Any More!



This webinar has already taken place. However, you can watch a recording of it below.

Originally aired on September 24th, 2015


With ICD-10 implementation labeled as the biggest undertaking in modern history, it has become excessively important to get this done, and get it done the right way. The new ICD-10 coding system incorporates more than 68,000 codes as compared to less than 13,000 in the soon to be extinct ICD-9 coding system.  “This new undertaking may become a big issue for the healthcare providers unless treated carefully. There is everything that could go wrong with the new system and physicians might face payment delays.”You are invited to join us for this exclusive webinar entitled “PEDIATRICIANS — Don’t Suffer. Get an EHR that Handles ICD-10 Seamlessly: From the Chart — Straight to Billing — Never think about ICD-10 Any More!”.

According to a recent survey by the American Health Information Management Association and eHealth Initiative, only 41% of physician practices are trained for the new ICD-10 transition. With most of the administrative burden being placed on the physician, it is extremely evident why ICD-10 preparedness is quite low among these groups.

 – 57% of healthcare organizations feel they are currently not on track with ICD-10 readiness

 – 15% of the physicians have not started preparing for ICD-10 transition yet

 – 94% of participants anticipate an increase in their denial rate due to the ICD-10 transition

 – WORST OF ALL: Just over a week to go for the transition to get implemented!

During this webinar you will hear from three leading experts. With over 35 years of experience in medical coding, billing, auditing and EHRs, our speakers will provide their perspectives on the challenges that will be faced when transitioning to the new ICD-10 coding system; and how to overcome those challenges by using an EHR system that will seamlessly make the transition for you – from charting straight to billing.

This webinar is designed for pediatricians and primary care physicians that want an EHR that will handle the ICD-10 transition seamlessly.

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