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JOIN this TEC Validation Project™: Computational platform that streamlines the identification of safer and more efficacious drugs



JOIN this TEC Validation Project™: Computational platform that streamlines the identification of safer and more efficacious drugs

This event originally aired on Thursday, December 1, 2016. To request a copy of the webinar recording, please email us at dawn.vandam@onemillionsolutionsinhealth.org.

Together with Cyclica, we are excited to announce a new, free opportunity for drug safety professionals in the pharmaceutical industry. This unique opportunity will provide participants with the benefit of assessing, in a pre-competitive manner, a novel and disruptive safety technology, which could further optimize internal drug development processes.

Cyclica’s new platform addresses many pharmaceutical drug development problems by providing insights and analysis into on and off-target interactions, with applications for target identification, lead prioritization, drug repurposing and adverse effect elucidation.

Cyclica takes a unique and novel approach to understanding a drug’s properties by employing a structure-based methodology and machine learning for identifying all proteins likely to interact with a drug. This method reveals a drug’s proteome-wide polypharmacology, which governs its therapeutic role in the body, as well as its possible off-target effects that include common side-effects and more serious adverse effects.

Cyclica couples its structure-based method with systems biology tools to best contextualize the significance of a drug’s predicted polypharmacology and potential for toxicity, in order to risk-adjust development pipelines and identify best-in-class drug candidates.

Interested in getting involved in this TEC Validation Project™ with the SafeTEC Consortium?

We are seeking new Biotech & Pharma corporate members for the SafeTEC Consortium, along with others involved in In Silico Modeling for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. (Annual membership is free for approved applicants.)

– One Million Solutions in Health is hosting a webinar for the industry to discuss the opportunity to participate in this TEC Validation Project™ and learn about the Cyclica platform.

Cyclica will be evaluating heretofore unknown off-target effects for a number of compounds.

– Participants will cross-check internal in vitro results with Cyclica’s in silico predictions to evaluate the predictive power of the platform.

Who should join the Webinar and TEC Validation Project™?

– Medicinal Chemists seeking early feedback on the potential toxicity of chemical series

– Toxicology and Safety Researchers

– Senior Managers and Executives in early drug discovery

– Senior Managers and Executives in drug development

– Those involved in Drug Repurposing/Repositioning



If you want to join the SafeTEC consortium and be involved with 15+ more activities like this one, let us know or check out our website here:


Download our flyer here to see the list of phenomenal scientific opportunities under evaluation in the consortium over the next 18 months.

We look forward to having you help us move forward as we innovate the discovery of safer and more efficacious drugs!!


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Naheed Kurji 
President and CEO
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Vijay Shahani
Application Scientist
Dawn Van Dam
President & CEO
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