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Open Call for Technology


OPEN CALL for Innovation:

With the move of the Technology Evaluation Consortium™ (TEC) into One Million Solutions in Health™ (OMSiH), we are taking our 10 years of experience in implementing collaborative evaluation and validation projects — to a new level.

As a non-profit, the consortium is devoted to pre-competitive and non-competitive analysis of technology and services which can accelerate life sciences research and development.  With our proven vetting and review methodology, the industry members can review your vision in the context of enhancing the discovery and development process.  Let us manage and optimize the technology discussions for the evaluation project, thereby saving time and money.

The members of the Consortium will be choosing some technologies to evaluate for 2015 – and this is your chance to apply for a free evaluation project.  Work with a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) from the likes of Pfizer, Janssen, Amgen, Abbvie, and other biopharma companies, to bring your technological advancement or new service offering directly to the drug discovery and development SME’s.  We accelerate the learning system by taking ideas that would wallow in academia or in the valley of death, and transforming them rapidly through this collaborative process.


ONE-PAGE SUMMARIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY FEBRUARY 27TH to be considered for the 2015 program.  A more complete application will then be filled out by selected applicants.

Since we are looking for solutions across-the-board, please submit applications in any of the areas listed below, or indicate that your technology, science or service is applicable in multiple areas.


Alternatively, submissions can be forwarded to  TECprojects@onemillionsolutionsinhealth.org

More information can be found here, on our website: http://bit.ly/1ICZdeE


· Chemistry
· Drug Safety/Preclinical Safety
· Drug Delivery
· Model Studies
· Other Applications


· Computational Biology
· Data Collection & Analysis
· Genomic Analysis
· High Performance Computing
· Omics
· Other Informatics


· Antibodies
· Biomarkers
· Bioproduction
· Cell Systems
· Other Products


· Imaging
· Molecular Diagnostics
· Sequencing, Genotyping, RNA, DNA
· Screening (High Content/High Throughput)
· Other Equipment & Instruments

Productivity and Planning Tools:

· Clinical Trials Management
· Portfolio Management
· R&D Productivity
· Other

Companion Dx & Devices:

· Diagnostics
· Devices
· Other

Therapeutic Innovations:

· Cardiovascular
· CNS & Neurodegenerative
· Diabetes & Metabolic
· Infectious Disease, Inflammation & Pain
· Oncology
· Other

We’re looking forward to working with you to accelerate the understanding and evaluation of your technology or service in 2015 – with the biopharmaceutical industry — so we can all bring better solutions to patients … faster!