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Drug Safety Leaders Talk about SafeTEC



Drug Safety Leaders Talk about SafeTEC


To streamline and accelerate new technology evaluation and validation for the industry, as well as for technology providers and scientists, the SafeTEC™ core members (see video) have outlined the critical points on why the industry’s drug safety experts should join SafeTEC. The opportunity is to provide SafeTEC members with a coordinated function which accelerates and improves technology evaluation.



The infrastructure, resources, project management, and processes that are part of SafeTEC (through One Million Solutions in Health) are fundamentally creating a warehouse of technology solutions, coupled with an industry-driven system, to collaboratively move the technology through identification, evaluation, modification and validation — to utilization (or not).


The SafeTEC Consortium has been re-formed, based on an eleven-year history which provides the experience and rigorous methodology, along with expanded and unparalleled technology sources, to identify and evaluate new technology opportunities.

The SafeTEC™ key differentiators are:

– Technology evaluation and validation: beyond basic research

– 11 years of experience and history – with 40 Validation Projects and 100’s of evaluations – based on a proven process and methodology

– Preparing Guidance Documents for the vendor and scientific community


– Flow of opportunities through untapped sources – we can find and assess “The Hidden GEMS”

– One-of-a-kind partnership agreement with the NIH Office of Technology Transfer, providing a flow of new technology and new patents, beyond those currently being promoted

– Access to a network of 4000 universities in 160 countries – and their technology

– Our own extensive database in life sciences and health care

– Curated database where we curate serious science, catalogue and index it to make it searchable, providing regular updates to ensure you have important information at your fingertips


– Vendor/scientist coaching and readiness

– Coaching of vendors/scientists to improve and accelerate the process

– We regularly coach scientists who then share their science, providing us with extensive experience in ensuring the science is industry-applicable

– The choice of projects is driven by the SafeTEC consortium pre-vetting the science for usability and scalability

– We have developed Guidance Documents which provide a baseline assessment mechanism, to ensure the most applicable opportunities are moved forward